EYFS Literacy Activities

EYFS Literacy Activities

We provide a number of EYFS literacy activities for kids in nurseries in order to help them learn literacy skills and develop.

Literacy Ideas for EYFS

Literacy Ideas for EYFS

If you are in need of some literacy ideas for EYFS, we would recommend English and spelling thermoplastic markings, which can help children improve their literacy skills.

Literacy Wall Panel

Literacy Wall Panel

We would recommend a literacy wall panel in your school or nursery to help children learn to read and write.

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EYFS Literacy Activities

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment specialise in EYFS literacy activities. Teaching children outside the classroom using a variety of affordable and creative equipment to ensure every lesson is entertaining.

We provide a number of EYFS literacy activities for children. Perhaps you learnt literacy through writing on the dotted paper, keeping your letters tightly between the capital lines and the lowercase lines.

For some of us, it meant the final move from pencil to pen. Perhaps you learnt through fridge magnet letters or bath letter sponges. Your first steps of learning how to read and write are memorable, so why not make them just as memorable and simple too by looking into the products we can offer?

Along with literacy, we can also offer language games which are important through child development.

For more information on the products we can supply to improve English in nursery students, please complete the enquiry form on this page and we will reply with all the necessary information you need.

English Games KS1

According to Women’s and children’s Health Network children are born as natural learners. Between the time of birth and the age of five, kids grow and learn at the fastest rate of their lifetime.

There is an enormous opportunity for the guardians, parents and nurseries or those who care for youngsters, have in these early years to help shape children's learning before they start school.

The Health Network state that kids learn best learn by seeing others take part, by listening to their peers and especially through practical education. EYFS literacy activities provide kids with every one of these essential learning factors.

We can provide a number of English games for KS1. For more information, please speak to a member of our team using the contact box provided.


Literacy Ideas for EYFS

For most children sitting in a classroom and learning how to read and write can become boring. Children have a shorter attention span than adults and when considering their prime learning age is around their toddler years, this can become a challenge for teachers, parents or guardians to ensure they take advantage of the window of essential learning.

If you are wondering how to fit in literacy ideas in EYFS prime areas our team can help.

To ensure their responsibilities to help them learn, are met. Literacy is a vital lesson that consists of; phonics, writing, reading, interpreting, challenging true or false statements and the most difficult for children being spelling.

Storytelling is a well-known and successful way of teaching kids. You can make literacy ideas for EYFS which are fun, entertaining and in all a captivating lesson that the children will look forward to rather than a shrug.

That is why these activities find success in teaching children outside the classroom using a variety of affordable equipment to ensure every lesson is entertaining, every step of the way.

With these activities, you can provide youngsters from nursery age and upwards the opportunity to learn efficiently, in an enjoyable, safe environment.


Literacy in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Children should be given the opportunity to learn literacy to extend their abilities around reading and writing. The more efficiently they learn these skills, the better they will be at writing and reading in their adult years.

Helping kids understand these crucial skills can provide teachers with a real challenge. Literacy in the Early Years Foundation Stage can take a long time for any child to master. Hearing words written down spoken while identifying sounds is not something that comes naturally.

EYFS English activities recognise the pressure associated with gaining these skills.

Other facilities which ensure literacy advances are alphabet floor sticks. There are endless game opportunities with these simple markers which can be combined to create the ultimate spelling test.

Children can stand on the letter they think comes next or play the group corner game where they choose the corner they think is correct. EYFS literacy activities ensure exercise and laughter come into every lesson you teach.

More facilities which enable children to learn efficiently in early years are alphabet floor panels. Create the ultimate alphabet circle, a simple spelling test or simple word-scrabble. The opportunities are endless with these affordable floor markers.

OFSTED is keen on engaging learning and you could improve your ratings with the click of a mouse! Play the ‘choose a corner’ game or allow the youngsters to choose their favourite letters and words. Your lessons will soon be recognised as the most engaging and enjoyable for the children, while they’re learning a challenging subject!

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned you can receive a quote today and find out how EYFS English activities combine learning with exercise and enthusiasm.

The diversity of products make the opportunities endless and we can give you more information about what greatly suited to your nurseries learning abilities or specific age range.


EYFS Reading and Writing

EYFS reading and writing are important in the early years of children up to the age of 5 onwards. Kids can develop large amounts of writing and reading skills. Simple sentences and phonic reading can become familiar to the children within lessons of our facilities’ use.

Communication skills enable youngsters to express how they are feeling, their emotions, their needs and thoughts, help them to learn these skills in an engaging, exciting way.

In terms of interpretation of words, remembering them and writing them down, kids will become skilled at phonetics by matching sounds to words and spelling to sounds. They will be able to identify right and wrong sounds and begin to communicate to others by writing down sentences which teachers or parents can interpret.

The development of their English language and literacy skills is an important, life-long key to their older years.

Early Years Phonics Activities

Phonics sound complicated. They are just that for smaller children. Phonics requires persistence and concentration, it’s a lesson which cannot be missed.

Early Years phonics activities provide games surrounding phonics like the alphabet markers as mentioned, wall panels, activity boards. All of these facilities make learning engaging for kids.

For phonetic learning to be successful, the youngsters must give their full attention. It can become boring quite quickly and in order to prevent this EYFS ensures the facilities we provide are exciting, engaging and reap the benefits for the learners. Exciting designs will captivate the children, practical activities will encourage enthusiasm, imagination and persistence.

EYFS activities will promise to create a healthy and effective learning environment for children learning those crucial steps to understanding literacy.

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