Early Years Communication and Language

Early Years Communication and Language

We can help improve early years communication and language through a number of activities including story telling and more.

Language and Communication Activities

Language and Communication Activities

We are able to offer a variety of language and communication activities for nurseries. For details on costs and prices, please get in touch.

Nursery Listening and Attention

Nursery Listening and Attention

We can provide building equipment to allow for nursery listening and attention skills to be improved. For detail, please fill in the contact form.

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Early Years Communication and Language

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment specialises in communication and language activities. EYFS products are great for nurseries, schools or playgroups and will dramatically enrich the lessons you teach.

Early years communication and language is key to a child’s ability to interpret lessons and everyday occurrences. Kids under the age of 5 are beginning to develop key abilities to talk, understand and develop their personalities.

Fun games are a brilliant way for children to learn these skills. Role-play activities are a very popular and suited form of teaching for children. It instils independence and a sense of achievement when a child is able to act out an important role.

Nurseries all over the country take advantage of this practical lesson using purely the children’s imagination. Early years communication and language facilitate the need for real role-playing stations, den building equipment, language development games and a variety of products to activate healthy, efficient communication among youngsters.

It is important you keep to the framework and our games and designs are a great way to do this.

All of these facilities come at an affordable cost. EYFS products are great for nurseries, schools or playgroups and will dramatically enrich the lessons you teach.

If you require more information about which products would best suit the needs of your classroom, do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team.


Communication and Language Activities

Communicational skills are not just a lesson which will undoubtedly carry the kids through school. It will also carry them through life. Having good qualities in communication will enable children to get into their chosen schools or jobs when they are older.

Starting off strong will mean they are given the best opportunities in life.

As noted by Kumon, reading is an important opportunity to help develop children’s communicate proficiency; it has the ability to unfold their language acquisition and exposes them to a range of vocabulary, enabling kids to communicate with confidence and clarification.

Early years language and communication can be developed using EYFS activities. The range could be divided by communicational facilities and language activities. For example; phonics and alphabet panels will help create a basic understanding of words and how they're expressed.

We aim to get closest to your spending budget as possible, so don't hesitate to contact us explaining your funds. Past tense, present and future can all be adapted to the children’s vocabulary once they have achieved a basic understanding of words.

Thermoplastic playground features can be added to your play area which can include snake alphabets, phonic games and alphabet blocks can all be used in games to develop communication skills as you create games for the youngsters to use their problem-solving skills, opinion, concerns and decision-making skills.

It is crucially important that every pupil is given the same opportunities to begin their journey in communication. The Kumon Organisation also note that stages of child’s development start at home.

First with their parents, siblings and friends and more complexly, teachers. Kids in nursery age will learn key elements of language at school, structuring sentences, articulating feelings and opinions etc will all come from within school learning time.


Nursery Listening and Attention

Developing a child’s attention is a very complex and enduring lesson. In order for kids to develop attention to detail, learning, warnings, instructions and behaviour, there must be methods in place to make this an effective lesson for everyone.

Nursery listening and attention, in particular, is difficult. With children being so young it is hard to capture their attention to help them learn concepts or take instructions effectively.

One popular way to promote listening and attention are outdoor classrooms. If you would like to learn more about these, please get in touch.

EYFS provides equipment that is used as a tool to improve communication. Building toys are used greatly by nurseries in order to encourage children to build something using instructions given to them. They must listen to instructions and transfer the listening skills into physical action.

Youngsters learn to understand alternative opinions and problem-solving ideas in order to learn to be attentive. Den making kits could be re-built and give children nearby you and in surrounding areas the opportunity to correct mistakes or highlight mistakes made by not listening.

This will provide you and the children a good opportunity to discuss the importance of listening to instructions.

Language Activities Near Me

Alternatively, early years listening and attention may be developed through many different lessons and language activities. Activities like story time will encourage children to listen carefully.

You can take advantage of our storytime area which enables the youngsters to venture outdoors and test their listening skills outside of the classroom. Really test their skills by asking questions about the story after you have read it. For example, asking questions about characters or what happened in the story.

Contact one of our team members local to you today and find out more about the different options available to you. If you want your lessons to be surrounded by enthusiasm and encouragement, we strongly advise you enquire today. Remember, we’re only a phone call away!


EYFS Speech and Language Near Me

Children should develop efficient communications skills as early as possible in order to give them the best possible chances in life, according to Kumon. We even start our communication from the minute we are born; alerting our parents we have arrived safely with our first cry.

As a child grows up, it is imperative we care for their language skills so they're better able to express emotions, thoughts and feelings clearly and efficiently, in every way of their lives.

The range of products EYFS offer is very enriching to any classroom environment. If you are interested then do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Early Years Communication Games

There are so many activities which promote education it can be difficult to know which is best. Our team can help you decide.

Playing games as a way to communicate might be something that seems ordinary amongst those teaching younger kids.

However, to ensure the lessons are effective we must ensure the children are communicating efficiently and without bad habits. For example basic politeness to allow one another to talk. Using a bean bag to pass around the room and speak only while holding the bag is a very familiar method used to teach the children.

Alternatively playing catch with a toy to speak only when you catch the toy. EYFS communication games can also provide teachers with the opportunity to bring out children’s imagination and extend it’s potential.

Sandpits can provide children with the opportunity to draw how they are feeling and transfer it into words, it could be wiped clean and started over and over. This also gives youngsters the ability to be practical and enthusiastic while they learn.

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