Active Outdoor Play Equipment

Active Outdoor Play Equipment

We have a whole range of active outdoor play equipment which children in nurseries can make use of and improve their fitness.

EYFS Active Playground

EYFS Active Playground

If you want to create an EYFS active playground at your school, you might want to look into the deals we have available. Get in touch now for details.

Nursery Active Play Area

Nursery Active Play Area

Make certain you get in touch with our team if you require safety surfacing to go under your nursery active play area, as this can keep kids safe.

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Active Outdoor Play Equipment 

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment has the knowledge and expertise when installing active outdoor play equipment which encourages a young child's physical, social and learning skills and can potentially improve a facility's Ofsted score

Active outdoor play equipment could play a vital part in your child's cognitive, physical and social development.

This may not strike you as obvious; you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's just a good place for the little darlings to burn off some of that excess energy so they'll sleep at night, but all the time they are playing on it they are actively learning social skills, how to make decisions for themselves and broadening their imaginations.

There are a variety of ways to do this, but their stimulation is at its peak when they are outdoors; they get fit and healthy and they get the added bonus of all that fresh air. The best thing about active outdoor play equipment is there are so many combinations available, that your options are almost as far-reaching as your kid's imaginations.

But why do they need active outdoor equipment at all, you may ask? The answer to that comes in the form of the EYFS guidelines.


We would be happy to provide more information on activity trails and active outdoor equipment and answer any questions you may have if required, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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EYFS Active Playground Near Me

The Early Years Foundation Stage, or EYFS for short, is a framework that monitors and encourages a child's learning and development from birth all the way up to the age of five. All schools and pre-schools that are registered with Ofsted must abide by it by law.

A large part of this framework is ensuring that young children's imaginations are actively stimulated, so they can learn to develop their social skills. Our nearby experts which are available local to you can supply and install the EYFS active apparatus where necessary. This could be in the playground or in surrounding areas. We aim to get closest to your requirements, so let us know what you desire.

The great thing about playgrounds is that you can incorporate almost anything into them - even an outdoor gym. With calisthenic equipment, you can't go wrong.

An EYFS active playground can make such a difference to this development. The more stimulation that young children have, the faster they learn. A bright, fun EYFS active playground inspires the development of physical skills, role play and imagination.

Take the following example; a group of children have pirate costumes to dress up in. Great, they're actively playing together, deciding amongst themselves who will be in who's 'crew', and imagining that they really are pirates.

What do you think would happen if you introduced an outdoor wooden pirate ship on a bright blue playing surface to the situation? The potential for role plays and interaction within the group increases exponentially. By adding that extra layer of stimuli, the children have that much more help to encourage their intellectual and physical growth.

Early Years Of Playground Activities

The first five years of a child's development are when they are at their most susceptible to outside influences. The more they learn and absorb at this early stage, the more quickly they will develop later on.

Early years playground activities can play a vital role in helping this development, and the more play equipment the children have to help them, the more stimulation they are exposed to.

Classic playground equipment such as monkey bars and slides have been a staple of playgrounds for many years, and with good reason too.

These pieces not only stimulate the mind but the body as well, encouraging physical developments such as hand to eye coordination, reflexes and movement. But if you don't have the room for larger pieces of equipment such as this, there are a myriad of other options to choose from as well.

Something as simple as a brightly painted hopscotch grid can improve leadership, encourage teamwork, and improve coordination, numeracy and literary skills.

A seating area can be used for a number of different activities; from storytelling to role-playing as a shop/customer, to eating lunch together, to pretending to be driving in a car. Just because it looks like it only serves one function, it does not mean that once it is combined with a child's active imagination that it couldn't be something much grander.

In this capacity, it is both serving its primary purpose, and it is actively helping those children comply with the EYFS standards that are required of them.


Nursery Active Play Area Near Me 

As mentioned above, EYFS monitors a child's progress from birth up until the age of five. During these first five years, it is not unreasonable to assume that children will spend a lot of their time with their peers at a nursery.

A nursery is a perfect place to begin encouraging children to interact with the things around them and making them a part of role plays and starting new social relationships.

Nursery active play areas such as trim trails, jungle gyms and climbing areas are perfect to help them along. Cognitive development is stimulated, physical fitness and co-ordination, and social skills are encouraged and put to the test. 

There is a variety of other equipment that is available that will actively stimulate the little one's minds. Building blocks, painting easels, sandboxes, planting boxes - all common sights in a nursery active play area and all have the same thing in common; they are all very simple but they all actively encourage the development of small children.

They also highlight how inexpensive play area equipment can be; children do not need masses of expensive equipment to stimulate their imagination, they just need the right sort of equipment.

By investing in a few pieces of indoor and outdoor early years equipment, you not only make the children's day more exciting and they enjoy being there, but there is an additional positive knock-on effect; because they are having fun while they develop they learn faster, and because they are learning faster this could also have a positive impact on Ofsted scores too.

Outdoor Play Equipment Early Years

A boring and drab area can be transformed very easily into a space that is stimulating, exciting and educational. With the addition of just a few of our diverse products, your nursery could be providing a fun way for kids to get healthy and develop their minds and their social skills too.

If you would like any further information about anything to do with active outdoor play equipment, for early years or later years, please do not hesitate to get in touch by either filling in the form or giving us a call for a free quote, and we will be pleased to go through anything that you might need.

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