Early Years Maths Activities

Early Years Maths Activities

We have a huge number of Early Years Maths Activities available for schools and nurseries across the United Kingdom at a reasonable price.

Outdoor Maths Games

Outdoor Maths Games

There area a number of outdoor maths games available, including pretend shops which help with counting and many more.

Markings to Improve Numeracy

Markings to Improve Numeracy

We can install markings to improve numeracy skills like number grids, number lines and hopscotches. For details on prices, please complete the contact box on this page.

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Early Years Maths Activities

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment are specialists in the design and installation of outdoor play equipment, making learning faster and more enjoyable for children.

It is important for schools to incorporate early years maths activities  to improve children's numeracy skills. Maths is often stigmatised as being a boring lesson.

Children will often struggle to grasp Mathematics and when associating it with a tedious lesson, children are likely to find it difficult throughout their education as they lack interest in the subject.

Using methods to make Mathematics more interesting and fun will have positive effects on the children. Practical learning is a great way of teaching the subject. Having the nursery kids experience mathematics in a new way will have lasting effects on their ability to learn in a positive way.

Early years maths activities like hopscotch, number panels and many others are proven to help kids grasp the subject in a fun, safe and most importantly, interesting way.

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Maths in Early Years

Maths is a difficult lesson to learn, but also to teach especially mathematics in the early years.

Youngsters approaching the age of 5 should have a good understanding and confidence in the subject. In order for children to learn effectively they much to taught in a variety of ways. Simply writing down numbers on paper would create a boring environment for children.

I’m sure we can all agree how challenging it can be to ask fifteen 5-year-olds to concentrate on counting may be.

There are several aspects of mathematics which young people will begin learning up to the age of 5 years. A key skill that should be mastered is counting, and this can be achieved through a variety of Early Years maths activities.

Children should be able to count from 1 to 20 confidently, as well as counting upwards and downwards and knowing which numbers are higher or lower than others.

There are a number of facilities available to playgrounds to make learning an exciting experience. Hopscotch and numbered floor panels are provided in , with these facilities it will help to develop children’s counting skills in a memorable way.

As a teacher, you can create your own math games or take advantage of its original purpose. The great thing about this is that you can also incorporate other skills such as emotional play.

Kids can guess which numbers are correct by physically jumping onto them. They can exclude incorrect numbers by standing on them to make an order. Learning this vital lesson has made mathematics more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Number Activities EYFS Near Me

Once children have mastered identifying numbers, they can begin the basics of arithmetic. Adding and subtracting will form the basis of their education in mathematics and the more effectively they learn these skills, the better their association with the subject will be.

Building blocks will enable kids to learn these skills effectively. Building a wall, a statue or den with building blocks will allow youngsters to combine their creativity with learning how to add and subtract. This is a very sufficient way for children to remember these skills.

Remember the days when you would use bean bags to balance on your head or count how many red? We also supply bean bags to allow teachers to create lessons for the kids which are entertaining and most importantly, worthwhile.

If you have an interest in any of these products we can supply EYFS maths activity equipment surrounding your vision and budget.

EYFS equipment also recognises the importance that kids begin their understanding of doubling and dividing. The math skills associated with times tables is paramount to the child’s future understanding of maths.

Because of this, EYFS mathematics equipment can be modified so you can teach these difficult lessons easily.

Early years mathematics equipment can be suited to any play area. Ranging from local nurseries, nearby primary schools and kindergartens closest to you and in surrounding areas. Any area of education will benefit from our products.

Learning the old boring lesson they call maths has never been so fun! Youngsters will look forward to their maths lesson instead of associating it with negativity. It will be recognised as a fun activity.

Outdoor Maths Games

Early-years maths equipment is well suited to the outside play areas. EYFS facilitates the needs of children based on research on the effectiveness of learning outside. Therefore, the range of outdoor equipment is well manufactured and effective for the children’s learning and suited to their needs.

If outdoor learning suits your class, there are endless products that will enrich OFSTED reports, children’s understanding and your abilities as a teacher. OFSTED often report highly on the areas which provide a range of ways to learn.

Keeping kids interested is a vital part of their learning. The use of colourful equipment will encourage young people to stay interested and engaged.

EYFS outdoor activities diversify learning. Colourful floor markings and interactive equipment like role-playing, hopscotch and play blocks are only a few of the highly-rated products we can supply. Encouraging young people to get involved has never been easier.

Another area of maths which is often enjoyed by youngsters is learning shapes. Measurements like centimetres and millimetres become part of their understanding. Our roleplaying facilities allow children to act as a shop worker or post office worker allowing them to count amounts or sell shapes.

Being able to identify these different objects will enrich their understanding and learning environment. Describing skills will also come avail when children take part in EYFS role-playing activities. Measuring shapes, describing items should all be skills mastered by the children after using our products.

Wooden blocks are also available in order to pass around and describe what the kids see and feel. They can identify different sizes and this enables you as a teacher to watch as their learning and understanding unfolds.

Other Subjects We Cover


EYFS Numeracy Resources

EYFS numeracy skills are important and challenging. This makes it a difficult lesson to learn and a difficult one to teach. Compasses are a great way for children to identify directions or counting steps to find their way back through a maze.

Additional numeracy recourses could be found in outdoor classrooms which are great for younger kids.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the early year's maths activities listed then go contact a member of our team. A better place of learning is only an email away!


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