Early Years Learning Framework

Early Years Learning Framework

We can offer details on early years learning framework; this includes information on the costs of equipment and more.

Nursery Learning Games

Nursery Learning Games

We can provide a number of nursery learning games for our clients, contact us for more information.

Nursery Mathematics Activities

Nursery Mathematics Activities

We can provide a number of nursery mathematics activities at a range of different prices, so please get in touch for more information.

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Early Years Learning Framework

EYFS framework activities will help children by putting them to the test of their learning in a variety of ways! Nurseries and schools can use EYFS facilities to extend their methods of learning and capabilities at a great price.

If you are in need of equipment to meet up with the Early Years Learning Framework our team can offer you the very best prices. EYFS supply a wide range of options for optimal learning.

The products we provide cover a range of activities to developmental capacity, social skills and physicality. In order to minimalize boredom and maximise ability, EYFS learning framework allows you to teach kids outdoors in an exciting and enthusiastic way.

If you require more information please contact a member of our team about any of the products you are interested in. Nurseries and schools can use EYFS facilities to extend their methods of learning and capabilities, why not find out ways we can enrich the children’s learning environment today?


EYFS Literacy Games Near Me

In order to develop skills in literacy - children can take part in various activities. Alphabet floor panels help to create games and physical exercise as a way of learning.

The beginning of a child’s reading and writing skills will emerge from their ability to identify letters, phonics and so the way words sound and are put together. Enable youngsters to develop their spelling using our alphabet panels.

Reading books is also a large part of children’s learning of literacy. We can also provide exciting storytime chairs which could be situated outside. Provide the children with a new and fresh place to learn about adventure by allowing them outdoors into their very own open classroom. The possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in having our local professionals install any of these facilities, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You be the creator of your vision for teaching, we will meet the requirements at an affordable price.

Early Years Maths Activities

Early years maths activities provide a new and engaging approach to maths for teachers and their pupils. Maths is considered a boring and difficult subject amongst kids, but not anymore. 

Number gridding, permanent hopscotch and other floor features are available to create an exciting, fun environment for children to learn the most important lessons of their education.

We can also make role-playing activities available that are interactive. Give kids a sense of responsibility and independence while they work as a shop-keeper selling shapes, numbers and use their subtracting and addition skills!

Learn more about maths activities.

All of our EYFS framework activities may be diversified amongst different lessons, putting children to the test of their learning in a variety of ways!

Nursery Art and Design Near Me

Having an abundance of creativity will increase children’s pattern of learning. We already know that combining enthusiasm, encouragement and creativity results in effective learning so why not enrich their creativity with EYFS creativity frameworks?

A range of painting, drawing, role-playing and material identifying will kick start a child’s creativity. These skills will help them across the board and enrich individual subjects. By encouraging their drawing skills they will achieve confidence in their own creativity. Alternatively, creativity tables will allow under 5s to build scenarios and problem-solving opportunities that they will face in the real world! Imagination is a key part of childhood that could be used as a tool to improve skills in later life.

Understanding the World

EYFS learning frameworks nearby you also consider the importance a child learns about the world.

Getting to know their surroundings in a safe environment is extremely important. We recognise how difficult it can be to teach youngsters the importance of their safety and EYFS create facilities like dens, mud kitchens and universe designs will encourage children to experience the outdoors using their imagination.

Children should be able to recognise different cultures, understand that people are from different cultures to their own. Children by the age of 5 should also be able to recognise different animal’s habitats and sounds.

For children to understand the different communities they live in, EYFS facilitates a range of role-making stations and mud dens. To find out more about our products do not hesitate to call for more information.


EYFS Communication and Language

Communications and language play a huge part in a child’s daily life, not only in communicating with others but also in their learning. EYFS provides enriching facilities to make children’s abilities to listen, interpret and communicate back more extended.

Playground features including activity panels, toy boards, toy trains and playboats will allow kids to imagine their own pirate ship, defend against battles and play dress up. All of which will encourage them to develop the important skill to share and interact with others.

PSE Development for Early Years

Key elements which a child must learn through childhood is PSE. Personal understanding, social development and finally emotional development.

These three frameworks provide children with the ability to learn and communicate with their peers. As a teacher it is very important kids begin the journey to education with the ability to communicate with their teachers.

EYFS framework activities will encourage social awareness. This will not only increase children’s thinking and ability to make decisions which won’t upset others but also their ability to make decisions that will benefit their classmates.

For example, role-playing will allow teachers to correct small mistakes a child may make in a social situation. Alternatively, emotional skills will help young people to act on feelings and emotions without hurting others. For more information on early years learning framework, please contact us using the enquiry form.

EYFS Physical Activity

EYFS Physical activity is very important for children to build strength and endurance. At the ages of 5 down to nursery, youngsters should develop co-ordination, movement, special awareness and control. EYFS physical activities are geared towards developing these skills in a controlled, safe manner.

Climbing frames, obstacle courses and sports day activities are all responsible for keeping children healthy and developing their agility skills. Healthy ideas for eating and recognising unhealthy habits is beneficial to a child’s lifestyle.

EYFS activity frameworks which we provide will enable nurseries the facilities and equipment to teach these lessons effectively.

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If you are interested in any of these frameworks and want to enrich them, contact a member of our team today and receive a free quotation and advice on the products we can offer.

You can be in charge of the facilities that adapt to you, their designs. Early years learning framework activities can be diversified amongst all classroom subjects.


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