Physical Development EYFS

Physical Development EYFS

Physical development is extremely important in EYFS. We offer a range of equipment to help this development.

Physical Development in Early Childhood

Physical Development in Early Childhood

We install the very best equipment which helps incorporate physical development in early childhood at great prices.

Early Years Outdoor Activities

Early Years Outdoor Activities

There are a number of early years outdoor activities available to suit your needs and requirements.

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Physical Development EYFS 

Nursery Outdoor Play believe Physical development is extremely important so we offer a range of equipment which helps incorporate physical development in early childhood. We install the very best equipment to suit your needs and requirements at a great price.

Physical development EYFS is extremely important. Children develop more during their first five years than at any other point of their lives. The physical skills they learn in their first year alone is mind-boggling; feeding, holding their own head up, crying for attention, rolling over, crawling, grabbing, pulling themselves up and walking.

It is also important to think of emotional skills.

Physical developments to EYFS standards monitor all of the above advancements and more so that by the time they are five years old they will have advanced to a certain level that is approved and regulated by the Government.

Known as the EYFS, it is a framework of learning and development that all schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers like nurseries, pre-schools and childminders must abide by.

The aim of it is to offer all children from birth up to the age of five the same equal opportunities to learn and develop, and have the same level of care regardless of a child’s financial situation or geographical location.

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What is Physical Development? 

What is physical development? Put very simply, it's the improvement of motor and mental skills, strength and agility. In the case of EYFS, the first five years of a child’s life are the priority and the more that can be done to encourage this development, the better.

Research has shown that the more stimuli that a child is exposed to, the faster they will develop.

With physical developing, outdoor activity playgrounds are massively popular. By playing different games in the playground, children’s physical and mental advancements are put through their paces.

Equipment such as trim trails, climbing frames, hopscotch floor markings, tunnels and monkey bars are all extremely helpful to a child’s physical development as it helps them to respond and navigate their environment according to what is around them.

We have been providing and installing outdoor playground equipment for many years and have a wide selection of play equipment available.

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Physical Development in Early Childhood 

Physical development in early childhood is actually monitored and regulated by the Government. The Early Years Foundation Stage, or EYFS for short, is a set of guidelines that monitors a child’s physical and mental progress from birth up to the age of five.

Children learn more in their first five years than at any other time in their life, so it is imperative that their development physically is nurtured.

As well as the obvious physical developments such as learning to crawl, walk, run, and climb, there are other key skills that need to be mastered that you wouldn’t automatically think of.

These are generally day-to-day tasks that you now take for granted such as holding a pencil, feeding themselves and playing with toys. However mundane they may seem, these skills still need to be learned, encouraged and developed as part of the EYFS guidelines.

We have many years of experience of supplying and installing physical games equipment, so if we can help you to decide which equipment will best serve your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


EYFS Physical Activities Near Me

EYFS physical activities are any form of activity that involves children developing their cognitive and motor functions. Climbing and balancing are a fun way of improving coordination and agility while throwing and catching objects such as footballs or bean bags will improve hand to eye coordination.

It is also a good idea to think about the world when carrying out physical activities. 

Hula hoops will help dexterity and concentration, while sensory boards with features that twist and slide and pull develop problem-solving techniques. This is just a taster of how EYFS outdoor equipment can help children to be their best.

We have experts local to you and in surrounding areas who can offer equipment closest to your budget. When looking for a nearby company to provide such apparatus, make certain to get in touch with us, as we can offer competitive rates for top-quality equipment.

By installing this equipment, you may even achieve a more favourable report from Ofsted inspectors, as the skills learned by playing with this kind of equipment are exactly what they want to see from a developing child.

Early Years Outdoor Activities in

Early years outdoor activities are essential to a child’s development. Research has shown that children learn more from being outside rather than being indoors and just listening or watching a teacher talk.

The more they interact with children of their own age, the faster they learn the necessary skills to form close relationships, problem solves, how to react to different situations and how to work as part of a team and share.

There are many physical activities that under 5’s can take part in order to develop their skills physically. Climbing, balancing, throwing and catching are all activities they can undertake, and we have the equipment to make the experience more visceral.

A climbing frame provides hours of balancing and climbing fun, while bean bags, hula hoops and balls will help kids to throw and catch while also learning how to change their movements to take the shape of the object into account.

Calisthenic gym equipment is suitable for both Early Years and adults and puts the focus on using your own bodyweight to improve physical fitness, stamina and well-being.

This equipment is available in a variety of different options and, providing it is EYFS approved, could potentially give you a favourable report from Ofsted inspectors because you are actively trying to encourage the children’s development physically.


If you would like to know more about calisthenic gym equipment, climbing frames and a wide variety of other equipment that has been specifically designed to encourage and inspire the development physically of children, please fill out the contact details form and we will be more than happy to chat about how we can help you.

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