Raised Beds UK

Raised Beds UK

We can offer raised beds in the UK to supply to schools, nurseries, colleges and more to help improve the overall look of your playground.

Large Wooden Planters

Large Wooden Planters

There are a range of raised beds we can install including large wooden planters. If you would like a quote, please get in touch.

School Planters

School Planters

We can offer school planters in a number of different specifications to meet your individual needs and requirements.

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Raised Beds 

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment can supply raised bed garden planters for schools, nurseries and communities. We can advise on wooden, pottery or concrete raised beds and all aspects of planters and help you choose the best configuration of size, height, colour, materials and quantity for your school or nursery at a great price.

Raised beds have become an increasingly familiar sight in nurseries, schools and communal areas local to you and in surrounding areas around the United Kingdom, and with good reason too.

Of course, their first function is to brighten up an area that may otherwise be lacking in colour or interest, but other than looking aesthetically pleasing they serve a number of other functions as well.d 

They're available in a number of different materials such as wood, metal, pottery and concrete. The raised beds themselves require very little to no maintenance at all and of course, the contents of them are as varied as the imaginations that tend for them.

The planters are often found near seating areas to improve the area.

If you have any questions regarding raised beds or trellis and garden planters, simply fill in the quick quote form at the top of the page and one of our experts will be in touch to go through your requirements with you.


Garden Planters Near Me

We have been supplying garden planters for schools, nurseries and communities for a long time. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, but it’s what goes into them that makes them come alive. Any number of plants, flowers and foliage can be planted in them to inspire a bright, inviting area for children and the general public alike.

If garden planters are installed where young children are able to help with the planting then this is even more exciting for them. They enjoy the thrill of taking part in gardening and learning about all the different plants and flowers.

It also helps to bring children together and for them to encourage one another. This is a perfect way for your nursery to gain Brownie points with Ofsted as it shows that you are actively abiding by the EYFS guidelines by encouraging social interaction and giving the children a stimulating day.

For more information on garden plant pots, please complete the contact form provided. 


School Planters 

School planters are available in many different shapes and sizes and can even be painted to fit in with your school’s colour scheme. Wooden plant pots tend to be the most popular because they're long-lasting, durable and need very little maintenance, but other materials such as metal and concrete are also available.

You may find these planters near trim trails and other areas to improve the overall appearance.

School planters not only brighten up what may be an otherwise dull area, but they can inspire an interest in gardening and can also be used as an academic tool.

By asking the children to plant the flowers they will work as a team and encourage one another, learn a new skill and maybe even develop a keen interest in gardening.  

Trellis Planter Near Me

Trellis Planters are another great addition to a school playground. Kids don’t have to bend down as far to reach them, so this increases their active interest in helping to plant them. Because of their increased height, they show off their wonderful displays so much more vividly.

You could even choose trellises of varying heights and create an even more visceral display. We supply all manner of trellis and tall planters for schools and nurseries nationwide, so if you would like your school to benefit from their addition get in touch now and let our expert team help you to design the best layout for you.

We can offer you trellis planter advice nearby you. Simply fill in our contact form and a member of our team closest to you will be able to assist you.


Raised Flower Beds 

Raised flower beds serve an important purpose for your school, nursery or a communal area. They brighten up the area and encourage a feeling of community with their bright colours and visiting wildlife.

Children especially enjoy them as it gives them the opportunity to learn all about how the flowers are planted, the names of all the different varieties of plants, and the wildlife that often come and visit them such as bees and butterflies.

Ofsted inspectors are particularly pleased when they see a nursery or school has a raised flower bed because it shows that the school or nursery are actively trying to engage children’s minds and they are endorsing and following the EYFS guidelines supplied by the Government.

If you would like to speak to us about adding a flower bed installation for your school, we will happily give advice on what configurations would work best for the are you have and offer an extremely competitive price.

Large Wooden Planters 

Large wooden planters are a popular choice for schools and nurseries because of their cost-effectiveness, their low maintenance and their durability. Because they're made of wood, they blend into outdoor surroundings perfectly and they brighten up the area and inspire feelings of happiness.

The children may also take part in some gardening getting them to interact and improve language skills by talking to each other.

This is especially true in schools and nurseries, as children love learning the process of planting and the names and varieties of all the flowers and plants. Who knows, it may even inspire them to have ‘green fingers’ when they grow up.

Large wooden planters are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, heights and colours, so it would be wise to have a chat with us first to discuss all the available options.

Concrete Planters in

Concrete planters are just as popular as wooden and metal ones. Of course, the main attraction of them is their robustness - they're incredibly strong. They need minimal to no maintenance at all, they can also be painted to whatever colour scheme you see fit, and they are extremely good value for money.

If durability is an important factor when choosing garden plant pots, then concrete planters may be the material for you. Like other materials like wood and metal, they can be bought in a variety of shapes, heights and sizes.

Prices will depend on which configuration you choose but speak to us about what you require for your school or nursery and we can offer you a competitive quote; it’s not uncommon for schools to receive a discount for large orders, too.

Raised Garden Beds 

Raised garden beds are a great way to inspire a love of nature, especially in children. They're on the same height level as them and this ensures a feeling of closeness for them.

They brighten up any school or nursery and encourage children to learn about how the contents are planted and nurtured, their names and functions, and look out for any visiting wildlife such as birds, bees and butterflies.

Contact us now for more details on raised garden beds and the prices involved.

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If you have any enquiries about plant pots, raised beds or wooden and concrete raised beds, speak to the team now We will be happy to advise you on any and all aspects of planters that we offer and will help you choose the best configuration of size, height colour, materials and quantity for your school or nursery.


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