Mud Kitchen Early Years

Mud Kitchen Early Years

We can offer mud kitchen equipment for early years children in an attempt to improve their role play, communication and social skills and get them playing with one another.

Children's Mud Kitchens

Children's Mud Kitchens

We can offer the very best prices for children's mud kitchens across the United Kingdom. If you would like a price, please get in touch.

Pretend Play Kitchen

Pretend Play Kitchen

If you would like to buy a pretend play kitchen for your school, we have a range of different options for you.

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Mud Kitchen Early Years 

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment are experts in supplying outdoor play activities and installing mud-kitchens. We are confident we can supply you with a top quality product for your nursery or school at a great price.

Mud kitchens early years can help a child’s advancement during their early years. Ofsted inspectors will take into consideration how much stimuli the children are exposed to, and this will have a bearing on the final report.

The inclusion of outdoors equipment like mud-kitchens can significantly improve that Ofsted report because they're seeing that the children are being actively stimulated to EYFS standards.

They are a fun, inexpensive way to let kids enjoy the outdoors while stimulating their senses and improving their social skills.

As EYFS equipment specialists, we supply a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to provide for all your mud kitchen early years needs.

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Mud Kitchen EYFS Near Me

Mud kitchens for EYFS aged children are a fantastic way to develop their social skills and learn how to share equipment. This is an essential part of developing their young minds and personalities through role-play and playing together.

Mud-kitchens offer the opportunity for outdoor play, which has been proven to help children advance faster than if they were indoors and listening and watching a teacher. The physical interaction with other children is what drives their advancement.

Nurseries, playschools and childminders would all benefit from installing a mud kitchen because they conform to the EYFS standards that the government enforce and help them develop according to their guidelines.

Ofsted reports can potentially be influenced by the addition of a mud kitchen because they help to stimulate and advance a child in a way that is fun to them.

And what kid doesn’t like getting muddy?

We provide mud-kitchens and a variety of other EYFS approved equipment at the best prices, so drop us a line by filling in our contact box and one of our experts will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Children’s Mud Kitchen 

Children’s mud kitchens are available in a variety of materials, with wood, plastic and metal being the most popular. They're robust enough to withstand the English weather, and the muddy delights your children can make upon them.

Children’s mud-kitchens are a fantastic way of encouraging social development and motor and cognitive skills. They come in different pricing options, sizes, shapes and colours, so if you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we'll be pleased to go through all the available options.


Fun in the Mud

What child doesn’t like to have fun in the mud? Getting muddy and messy is something that every child, regardless of age, loves to do. Mud-kitchens are a perfect companion to a muddy playing field and a few pots and pans.

With a little imagination (and a lot of mess!), a mud-kitchen can help children to learn social values such as sharing and compassion, will bolster their dexterity and coordination, and perhaps most importantly of all, have fun in the outdoors.

Research shows that children learn faster when they are outdoors, and when they have equipment like mud-kitchens, sand and water tables and den making equipment to inspire them, they advance even faster.

Mud kitchens are inexpensive and low maintenance and come in a variety of sizes colours and materials. As local experts and providers of this equipment, we can advise you of what equipment would best suit your school or nursery’s needs.

Simply fill in our contact form at the top of the page and one of our professional team will reply as quickly as possible.

What are the Mud Kitchens? 

What exactly are mud kitchens? Mud-kitchens are a piece of outdoor equipment designed to resemble a regular kitchen. The big difference with this kitchen is that all the meals and drinks are made of mud!

They are made from a variety of different materials but are robustly built to withstand the creations that'll be made in them. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours, but they all have the same thing in common; the idea behind them is for children to learn valuable social skills while being out on the fresh air.

Mud kitchens can go anywhere in the playground; whether it is next to the raised beds or the play equipment - it will fit right in.

If you would like us to contact you regarding a mud-kitchen for your nursery or school then simply fill in the contact box provided and one of our team will be glad to speak to you about the available options.


Pretend Play Kitchen

Pretend play kitchens have been a part of children’s playtime for years. The active part they play in developing a child’s imagination and social skills is well documented, but outdoor mud kitchens add another element of fun and inspiration.

Mud kitchens do everything a conventional pretend play kitchen can do, only they are a bit more durable to withstand the weather and the concoctions that shall be prepared on them. By using this piece of equipment, children’s imaginations will be actively stimulated, they will learn social bonding techniques, get loads of fresh air, and most importantly, have lots of muddy fun!

Pretend play kitchens are inexpensive and provide hours of fun and entertainment learning about new textures and materials and developing the senses. To find out more about pretend play, please CLICK HERE.

Our specialists would be pleased to go through any questions you may have if you are thinking about installing a mud-kitchen in your play area. Just complete the form on this page and we will reply as soon as possible.

Other Apparatus We Offer

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