Making a Den

Making a Den

If the children at your school are interested in making a den, you might want to get a quote for our equipment by using the contact form provided.

Den Making Play Set

Den Making Play Set

We provide fantastic den making play sets across the United Kingdom at great prices. Please contact us for more details.

Outdoor Building Equipment

Outdoor Building Equipment

We also offer outdoor building equipment in various designs, colours and specifications depending on your individual needs and requirements.

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Making a Den 

Making a den has been a popular activity for children for a long time. Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment can provide den-making kits that come in as many different options as a child’s imagination can use them for. 

It is one of those activities that inspire the imagination so much that they literally can be any shape, size and configuration and a child will make a fascinating play experience from it.

They have panels, blocks, and sheets that can all be interlinked and fitted together to create an unlimited configuration of outdoor structures. The pieces are colourful, highly durable and lightweight so they are easy for youngsters to handle.

As opposed to sitting in the outdoor classroom, making dens is a great way for children to work together, form lasting and bonding relationships and encourage creative development and motor skills.

If you would like any further information then let us guide you. We have many years of experience with children’s outdoor equipment and will be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with an extremely competitive quote. 


Den Building Equipment Near Me

Den building equipment is a particular favourite activity for young kids. They are a perfect outdoor activity that encourages social bonding, emotional development, inspires the imagination and enhances problem-solving techniques and motor function skills.

Den building equipment is a great way to utilise the EYFS guidelines and ensure that children are developing mentally and physically as they should.

The products are available in a variety of shapes, weights and sizes. If the den building equipment is for smaller children then a more basic kit might be more appropriate than the more complex kits available for older children.

Whatever combination of products you ultimately decide upon, they all have the same purpose in mind; to encourage a community spirit and enhance motor and mental performance. Slotting the various pieces together helps dexterity and strengthens their hand and arm muscles.

Working together as part of a team to decide what the finished dens should look like help to develop teamwork and enhance problem-solving techniques.

How to Build a Den 

How to build dens? That’s a tricky one because there are literally an infinite amount of possibilities; there are no rules to follow!

Are you looking to create something that can be completed in a short space of time, or is this a big-build project that could take shape over the course of a few lessons, perhaps even a permanent structure?

Do you want your den to be able to be added to at a later date? Will children be able to make it as outlandish as they like?

Whatever you want the kids to build, there are no set rules as long as they are actively using their imaginations, bonding with each other and having fun. A set of guidelines on how to build a den might look as follows;

  1. Gather the children into a group or a number of teams
  2. Give them our equipment in a dismantled state
  3. Give them their briefing; this might be, construct the dens in X amount of time, or decide between you what the dens should look like, you have X amount of time to build it.
  4. Everyone must have an input
  5. Everyone must have fun!

If you would like any further information on den building and the equipment we can install, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our experts will be glad to speak to you about the combination of den equipment that would work best for your school or nursery.


Children’s Den  Near Me

Children’s dens are a great way of encouraging children to be outdoors in the fresh air and to develop their social and mental skills. EYFS guidelines state that the more exposure children have to the outdoors and to equipment that invites interaction with other children, the greater the benefit to their cognitive skills, motor performance and social skills is.

Children’s dens come in all shapes and sizes with panels, blocks and sheets that interconnect, allowing for unlimited combinations. Will your children create dens that look like a tunnel, a rocket, a Hobbit hole or a castle?

The possibilities are endless, and most importantly the children are having fun while they are learning these new skills. Ofsted inspectors cast a favourable view upon this equipment because it shows that the children are having a stimulating day and are advancing according to the EYFS guidelines.

Team Building Activities for Children 

What would be a better team building activity for children than making dens? When presented with a pile of panels, sheets and blocks that can literally fit together in an unlimited amount of combinations, then their imaginations are inspired and their ability to work together as a team and share the pieces is tested under the friendliest of conditions.

We have been providing den building equipment for the UK for a number of years and are always delighted when we see how the children have used them to develop their social and cognitive skills to create amazing dens.

The equipment is robust, inexpensive and durable enough to be used outdoors. They can even be combined with other pieces of outdoor equipment such as climbing frames and monkey bars to make them even more fun.

If we can help you by answering any questions about children’s den equipment that we provide, just fill in the form at the top of the page and one of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible to explore your options.

Kid’s Garden Den in

Kid’s Garden Dens are the perfect opportunity for the kids at your school or nursery to enjoy the great outdoors while developing the cognitive, physical and social skills required of them by the EYFS guidelines and Ofsted.

They promote sharing, consideration of other’s feelings, encourage dexterity and strength development, develop problem-solving techniques and, most importantly, the kids have fun while they learn. Fill in the form at the top of the page if you would like more information on the kid’s garden dens that we provide.

A garden den will look great by raised beds and other outdoor furniture.

Our local team can offer advice on equipment for a kid's garden den in your playground and in surrounding areas. We aim to get closest to your spending budget or at least nearby, so make certain to contact us now for information on costs.

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