Trim Trails

Trim Trails

We can offer the very best prices for the trim trails that we provide in the UK. For a quote, please contact our team now.

Activity Trail Surfacing

Activity Trail Surfacing

We can also install activity trail surfacing to ensure the children are safe in the event they fall of the equipment. Rubber mulch and wetpour are the most popular surface types.

Trim Trail for Schools

Trim Trail for Schools

We offer trim trails for schools and nurseries all across the UK and have a range of designs to meet your individual requirements.

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Trim Trails 

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment can assist you with every aspect of installing trim trails and various other outdoor play equipment to meet your school's requirements.

Trim trails are an excellent way to brighten up an otherwise dull, unused area and encourage children to enjoy the outdoors.

Activity trails are so versatile that they can be used in conjunction with other outdoor play equipment such as swings, slides, climbing frames and safety flooring to create a jungle gym that provides an hour of fun and EYFS advancement.

Trim trails improve gymnastics and other skills and are a perfect way to improve your area.

They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and cost options, one of our expert team will be glad to help you if you have any questions regarding installation for your school or a communal area.


Trim Trails for Schools 

Trim trails for schools have become increasingly popular since the introduction of the EYFS guidelines and Ofsted inspections.

Both bodies are concerned with the advancement of children in their younger years, particularly their social skills, their ability to share equipment and learn about caring for others, improving their physical dexterity, and stimulation for their imaginations and problem-solving techniques.

Activity trails for schools offer all of this and more and are a great way to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors while endorsing all of the above traits.

What is a Trim Trail? 

You’ve probably seen them in most schools and outdoor playgrounds but didn’t know the name for them. So what is a trim trail? Very simply, an activity trail is a piece of outdoor equipment that children play on to improve various skills and will consist of different structures and materials for children to traverse and navigate around.

They almost resemble a mini assault course with parts such as balancing beams, climbing ropes, ladders, bridges and tunnels and are designed to improve strength, coordination, dexterity and physical strength.

Trim trails are a great way to encourage kids to stay healthy, play together and most importantly, have fun. If you are thinking about having these activity circuits installed, our local team can help.

We install these in your playground or in surrounding areas to get closest to your requirements. Please get in touch now to speak to our nearby experts about the various designs available.

Activity Trail for School Playground 

Activity trails for school playgrounds are fast becoming a must-have for schools wishing to improve their Ofsted report and achieve their EYFS targets. The reason for this is that they encourage the physical, emotional and educational improvements that these bodies require.

Activity trails include obstacles as varied as rope ladders, tunnels, balancing beams and climbing ropes, and they stimulate a child’s ability to process how they are going to traverse a particular obstacle. Trim trails also actively encourage teamwork and friendly competitiveness and build up physical strength.

You may find trim trails by the side of outdoor seating as they are relatively small so can be added anywhere.

These activity trails come in an assortment of materials, shapes, sizes and colours and work fantastically well in conjunction with other outdoor playground equipment such as swings, slides and safety flooring.

If you would like more information or a quick quote for your school playground, just fill in the form at the top of the page and our specialist experts will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your options. 


Fitness Trail for EYFS Near Me

Fitness trails for EYFS may be more cost-effective than you think. They're available in so many combinations that we are confident that we can supply a fitness trail that would fit your existing playground space and your budget too.

Fitness trails are the number one piece of equipment to encourage EYFS kids as they encourage teamwork, problem-solving techniques, physical dexterity and strength, and friendly competitiveness. Speak to us if you would like any further information on installing a fitness trail to satisfy your EYFS requirements.

Trim Trail Equipment 

Trim-trail equipment consists of a combination of outdoor equipment for children to play on. They usually resemble a mini assault course as they consist of things like rope bridges, tunnels, ladders and balancing beams.

You may even include monkey bars near the trim trails along with other equipment.

They're available in a number of shapes, sizes, colours and price options and are a fantastic way to teach kids the values of teamwork and sharing. They also encourage children to stay fit, and they have been proven to improve their reflexes, agility, balance and physical strength.

An installation like this could potentially improve your Ofsted score as they show you are encouraging children to socialise, stay healthy and have fun.

Contact our specialists for more information on how we can configure an activity circuit for you that will meet your EYFS needs at the best possible price.


Trim Trail Surfacing in

Trim trail surfacing is a fantastic addition to any activity trail or outdoor playground installation. Trim trail surfacing ensures that children can be as adventurous as they like and stay safe if tumbles or falls do happen.

There are a variety of options available such as wet pour, rubber mulch, and artificial grass, and we install all of these quickly, easily and cost-effectively to meet all safety standards. In most cases, the trim-trail surfacing can be applied around an existing structure, so there is no need to dig it out first.

This keeps costs down and makes the flooring a smart economical choice.

If you have any questions about activity trail surfacing that we can help you with, just fill in the form at the top of the page and a member of the team will be glad to get back to you to discuss your surfacing needs.

Wooden Play Equipment Trail Near Me

Wooden play equipment trails are a perfect addition to any playground. They are durable, colourful and an excellent way for children to improve a variety of skills such as climbing, balancing, jumping and swinging.

They also work especially well alongside wooden monkey bars and climbing frames and actively develop a child’s fitness levels, their ability to interact with other children and test their problem-solving skills.

Wooden play equipment trails are available in many different combinations, so if we can assist you with any aspect of installation for your school, we will only be too happy to help.

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