Children's Water Table

Children's Water Table

We can offer fantastic prices for a children's water table in the UK. These are great for nursery students,s o make sure to get in touch today.

Water Table for Kids

Water Table for Kids

We have a range of water tables for kids in the UK. Our team offer the best prices and greatest products, so make sure to get in touch now.

Water Play Activities

Water Play Activities

We offer the very best water play activities across the country with various equipment for kids to enjoy.

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Children’s Water Table 

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment are experts in the field of outdoor play equipment and can offer professional advice on a variety of aqua tables and water play activities to suit your facility and at a great price. 

Children’s water tables can play an important part in helping them to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, and they can do all this while improving your school or nursery’s Ofsted report too.

A children’s water table is so simple and versatile that it often doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. The number of varied activities it could be used for are too numerous to mention, but they all encourage a child’s EYFS development in the best possible way.

The first five years of a child’s life are the most crucial when it comes to developing their social skills, their cognitive abilities and their way of processing and understanding how to empathise with others. Research has shown that the more tactile stimuli that a child is exposed to, the quicker they will develop in these key areas.

Water-tables are available in a number of shapes, sizes, colours and configurations, as are the accessories that compliment them, so if you would like more information on them just fill in the contact form opposite for a free, no-obligation quote.


Sand and Water Table 

Sand and water-tables are one of the most popular pieces of EYFS nursery equipment, and it’s easy to see why. Their strength lies in their simplicity, versatility and ease of maintenance. You can find out more about sandpits HERE.

Rather than having children just sitting in a classroom watching and listening to a teacher, why not take them outdoors for some fresh air.

Research has shown that children learn more when they're out of the classroom as it gives them the opportunity to interact with each other, inspire one another and have fun together.

Sand and water-tables give children the opportunity to learn about sharing, teamwork and communication. They also help to promote feelings of empathy and inspire their imaginations through games and role-playing and this is exactly what Ofsted and the EYFS guidelines are looking for.

We have a number of nearby professionals local to you that can offer aqua tables in surrounding areas and can get closest to your individual budget.

Water Table for Kids

Water-tables for kids have a variety of uses, but did you know that they could be used as a mathematical tool as well? What could be simpler than filling up a bucket of water and asking the children to guess how much they think is in the bucket?

This not only promotes awareness of numbers and increases their knowledge of scales and measurements, but also introduces the concept of friendly rivalry as well. By taking part in this experience they are improving their numeracy skills and cognitive development, but because they're having fun they will also learn that much faster.

Water tables are a great way to incorporate sensory play.

This method of learning could use any kind of liquid or even sand. The tables are durable and low maintenance, and because they're being used outside it doesn’t matter if they make a mess. And what child doesn’t love making a mess?


Water Tables Near Me

Water tables are available in a number of configurations and it’s this versatility that makes them so popular. They're portable, low maintenance, inexpensive and are extremely proficient in engaging your children’s minds and imaginations.

It’s not only liquids that may be used with the tables; paint, washing up liquid and sand are all popular substitutes and with the introduction of this new stimuli, children will be educated about their different textures and applications.

Water Play Activities

By purchasing a water play activity table for your school or nursery you are giving them the best opportunity to develop according to the EYFS guidelines and standards.

When water-play activities use liquids in conjunction with buckets, spades, measuring jugs and funnels, the experience becomes that much more educational and visceral.

The beauty of water-tables is that they can use so much more than just ordinary water to inspire. They could be filled up with washing up liquid and used to create giant bubbles; sand can be used in conjunction with water to create a new tactile experience, or sand on its own is just as effective at promoting the EYFS ideals.

Waterplay Ideas Near Me 

The number of water play ideas that can be developed using a water-table are too numerous to mention. The most popular ones tend to be when mathematics or art and design are involved. By involving different sized beakers, funnels and measuring jugs and cylinders, children can improve their maths and analytical skills.

By asking a child to guess how much water a beaker might contain before pouring it into a measuring jug to clarify the answer, you are encouraging the child to think numerically. If this is done as part of a group then it also introduces a fun way to be competitive too.

Arts and crafts are other ideas that the water table can play a vital part in. One of the most popular activities is by filling the various compartments of the table with water and then asking the children to drop different coloured inks onto the surface.

You can find out more about nursery play equipment here.

Children are always amazed when they place a sheet of paper on top of the clear liquid and when it is peeled away they are rewarded with a dazzling display of colour which they then get to keep.

By filling the compartments with a solution of water and washing up liquid, children can create fun creating bubbles and they will be introduced to a new tactile experience as the soapy texture will be different from plain water.

All of these different activities will meet with Ofsted approval and may increase your Ofsted score. They will also help the children meet the targets set forth by the Government on their EYFS guidelines.

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