Imaginative Play Ideas

Imaginative Play Ideas

We can provide the very best imaginative play ideas across the UK making your nursery stand out in front of governing bodies like Ofsted.

EYFS Pretend Play Activities

EYFS Pretend Play Activities

We have a number of EYFS pretend play activities that can be installed at your nursery. For details on prices, please get in touch.

Nursery Imaginative Playground

Nursery Imaginative Playground

If you want to create a nursery imaginative playground, make sure to contact our team today for the very best prices and deals.

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Imaginative Play Ideas

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment has the knowledge and expertise when it comes to installing early years imaginative playground equipment such as a wooden boat, a timber castle, or brightly coloured flooring, allowing children to maximise their potentials and potentially improve a facility's Ofsted score.

We have a range of imaginative play ideas that you can incorporate into your playground. A child's early years are the most important of their lives. Think about it; from being born they learn to feed, hold their head up, cry for attention, turn over, crawl, walk and speak.

And that's just during the first twelve months. Once they start being able to express themselves, that's when their cognitive side needs to be nurtured as much as possible, especially during their first five years.


One of the great things about imaginative play is that it helps to stimulate the creative side of children.

Stimulating their young imaginations is the key to further development as this helps your children develop their social and mental skills.

It encourages socially bonding, sharing of ideas, and crucially, improves language and cognitive development.

The more you can do to actively encourage your child's imaginative play ideas, the greater the benefits to them will be, and by extension, the facilities that they attend. A great way to aid this is through the use of role-playing equipment.

These can range from simple tactile aids designed to be used indoors such as sandpits and dressing up costumes, all the way up to large outdoor timber pirate ships and climbing frames. The more imagination that is required, the better.

If you would like to speak to one of our local professionals today, please complete the enquiry form provided and we shall respond at the earliest opportunity with all the help, advice and information you need.

EYFS Pretend Play Activities Near Me

EYFS, or Early Years Foundation Stage, is a statutory framework given by the Government that monitors your child's learning, development and care from birth to five years old.

All schools and early years providers registered with Ofsted, including childminders, nurseries, pre-schools and school receptions, must abide by these guidelines. The idea behind this framework is twofold;

  1. Care and education are universal across the board, regardless of geography or social status.
  2. Carers know what standard is expected of them, and parents or guardians know what targets their child should be aiming for.

By ensuring that learning is fun, kids learn and retain information far quicker than if there was no fun element in place.

Picture this scenario; We've all been there as a slightly embarrassed guinea pig for a child's tea party. You sit on a tiny chair around a tiny table with a teddy bear and a doll and pretend to sip the delicious cup of tea that's been lovingly prepared by a (slightly bossy) little one.

You always have to have your pinkie up and you always have to be careful not to spill it and burn yourself. If you don't abide by these simple rules, you are at risk of a stern telling-off.

It's easy to laugh, but it's just this sort of pretend play activities that is exactly what EYFS is all about; encouraging a child's imagination by making education fun.

It might be tiresome getting shouted at for the eighth time for not blowing your cup of tea to make sure it's cool enough to drink, but the point is that the child has learned a valuable lesson from this simple interaction.

They have learned to communicate with other people, learned how to solve problems, and even their physical development is addressed by learning how to walk with a 'hot' teapot. The physical development is also linked with their cerebral development; as they learn the dexterity it takes to pour the liquid without spilling it, they are also actively problem-solving.  

Active play is also a great way to get children learning on the go.

EYFS pretend play activities are numerous and wide-reaching; they are literally as big as your imagination will allow. They don't have to cost a great deal, the emphasis is all on fun and development.


Please fill in the contact form provided if you wish to discuss this in more detail.

Imaginary Play Toys

The above example of being served tea is just one example of imaginary play toys. Who remembers watching kids being served sausages and corn flakes from a play kitchen and pretending that it was the most delicious meal they ever had?

Who hasn't been forced to sit in a sandbox and made to imagine that they are at the seaside, building sandcastles and trying to stop the water from the 'moat' disappear? And, of course, there's the trusty old play tent – trying to squeeze seven children or just your six-foot-four frame into a tent designed for one five-year-old.

Again, it's easy to laugh but these imaginative play ideas actively encourage a child's social development and dexterity. Other play toys such as face paints, fancy dress costumes, and play shopping tills all encourage young children to interact with each other.

This interaction will create positive relationships, encourage them to solve problems both as a singular person and as part of a group, and will let them experience emotions, both positive and negative, according to the roleplay they set themselves.

These imaginary play toys help them to 'come out of their shell' and develop according to the EYFS guidelines.

Nursery Role Play Equipment

Of course, a lot of children of this age category spend a lot of time at nursery. Nursery role play equipment can be vital in helping children develop according to EYFS guidelines and have a productive, fun-filled day.

Water play tables and mud kitchens are always extremely popular with little ones, as are soft building blocks and shapes. Climbing frames, Wendy houses, post boxes and dens are all eternally popular with young children. The more tactile and colourful, the better.

We have professionals nearby you and in surrounding areas that can provide additional assistance and advice where needed. We aim to get closest to your individual needs and requirements, so make certain to contact us with your thoughts.

Early Years Imaginative Playground Near Me 

There are many ways you can stimulate children’s imaginations, but the more help they have, the quicker they will develop.

By installing early years imaginative playground equipment such as a wooden boat, a timber castle, or brightly coloured flooring, children can maximise their potentials.

Little Kings and queens can rule the land from their castle while scurvy pirates try to attack them from their ship on the high seas. Combine this equipment with costumes and your little ones' imaginative play ideas will not only help them develop according to the EYFS guidelines, but they could also potentially improve a facility's Ofsted score.

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If you have any enquires about anything to do with Early Years Foundation Stage play equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help. We have plenty of imaginative play ideas so please make certain to let us know if you have any questions.


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