Sensory Play Ideas in Aithnen

Sensory Play Ideas in Aithnen

We have a range of sensory play ideas that you are able to incorporate into your school or nursery.

Sensory Nursery Equipment in Aithnen

Sensory Nursery Equipment in Aithnen

There are a range of different sensory nursery equipment available. This may include things like water tables, sand pits and mud kitchens.

EYFS Sensory Garden in Aithnen

EYFS Sensory Garden in Aithnen

If you are aiming to create an EYFS sensory garden, make certain to contact our team today for the best prices across the UK.

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Sensory Play Ideas in Aithnen 

If you are looking for sensory play ideas then Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment has a number of products and our team of specialists have the knowledge and experience to satisfy all your sense stimulating equipment needs.

We understand how important it is for kids at the EYFS level to be exposed to as many different sensory activities as possible to stimulate their development, and that is reflected in the products that we offer.

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates the five senses; sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. Our sensory play equipment like water channelling sets, sandboxes, play kitchens and musical instruments will not only target these senses but will enhance these experiences and help kids to develop faster.

If you're interested in some of these sensory play ideas for your nursery or school, just fill in our form above and we will be pleased to provide you with further information and a cost-effective quotation.


Sensory Nursery Equipment 

Nursery equipment that uses the senses is a vital tool in encouraging children’s development. It allows children to explore their surroundings by using the five senses; touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.

Research shows that the more equipment that children have to aid this learning then the faster they learn. For example, nursery apparatus that uses the senses such as sand and water tables allows little ones to interact with different textures, while musical instruments encourage them to develop their hearing skills.

Not only does this apparatus stimulates their senses, but it also helps with other types of development too.

By using this equipment, kids also improve their social skills, enhance their motor and cognitive performance, increase their grip and overall strength, and test their problem-solving abilities.

Sensory nursery equipment in Aithnen could be an important addition to your school. Ofsted reports tend to look favourably upon nurseries with this type of equipment as they can see that the children are being actively stimulated and their senses are being encouraged to develop.

Please get in touch if we can help you with any products for your nursery.

Messy Play Activities Near Me

Messy play activities are great for letting kids really let their guard down and have fun. If a child is normally quite reserved and shy then this type of activity really brings out the best in them. After all, what child doesn’t love getting messy?!

Children love being outdoors; it’s been proven that children learn more when they have an outdoor surrounding to inspire them. They get plenty of fresh air and it encourages them to interact with their friends more openly.

Messy play activities like mud kitchens and sand and water tables aid this activity, all while developing children’s sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing.

The different textures, sights and sounds that messy play provides will encourage youngsters to develop these senses, as well as promoting fair play and developing their cognitive and motor skills.

If you'd like a quote on mud kitchens, sand tables or any other type of play equipment, please speak to one of our local experts who can offer you the highest quality products at the very best prices.

We have specialists nearby you and in surrounding areas who can get listen to your requirements and come up with messy play activities which are closest to your needs.


EYFS Sensory Garden in Aithnen

EYFS sensory gardens are becoming more and more popular as a way of helping to stimulate the advancement of children’s senses. These gardens might include raised flower beds, water features, den building equipment and different flooring textures such as pebbles, artificial grass and rubber mulch.

The idea behind them is to stimulate children’s senses and imaginations to help them to progress according to the EYFS guidelines.

By installing an apparatus like this, children’s sense of sight, smell, sound, touch and taste are stimulated.

When this kind of equipment is combined with children being outdoors, this adds an extra layer of encouragement, as youngsters will learn more from the excitement of being outside with their friends.

EYFS children are at a pivotal point in their lives as this is the age where they learn and develop the most. With the outdoor play equipment to stimulate the senses, youngsters will find this progression much easier.

The apparatus is available in a variety of materials, configurations and costs and the sense stimulating garden can be completely tailored according to your individual needs. If you would like a quote or more information, please fill in the form above or contact us directly and we will be pleased to advise you further.

Sensory Activities for Children Near Me

Sensory activities for children in Aithnen are an important part of growing up. Their first five years, known as the Early Years Foundation Stage is of particular importance as this is when children develop the most and need the most stimulation.

Ofsted must regulate this development as the EYFS is a set of Government guidelines that must be adhered to.

Sense stimulating apparatus such as mud kitchens, musical instruments, climbing frames and water tables will all encourage this development as well as developing kid’s social skills and cognitive development.

We can provide all of this equipment, including ones that combine a few of the senses all at once, so they have panels that slide, that make noises, twist and pull.

By encouraging youngsters to develop their senses and their social and cognitive skills through interacting with this type of equipment, you may see an impact on your Ofsted score. This is because it helps the children’s advancement in all of the key areas that Ofsted monitor.

By implementing these types of sensory activities for your children, we can contribute to the advancement of your children and help your Ofsted report in the process.

Just complete your details in our contact form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible with advice on what equipment would work best for you.

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