Early Years Role Play Equipment in Anmore

Early Years Role Play Equipment in Anmore

We can offer early years role play equipment to nurseries and schools around the UK to help kids learn about imaginative play.

EYFS Pretend Play in Anmore

EYFS Pretend Play in Anmore

Our specialists can provide EYFS pretend play activities in your playground to improve OFSTED reports.

Children's Role Play in Anmore

Children's Role Play in Anmore

Children's role play is important in early ages, as they need to learn how to take part in pretend play and learn socialisation skills.

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Early Years Role Play Equipment in Anmore

EYFS provide early years role play equipment along with a variety of other products to help children enjoy pretend play.

We provide early years role play equipment in Anmore along with a variety of other products to help children enjoy pretend play. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) outlines and sets the standards for the learning, development and care of youngsters from birth to 5 years old.

All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers must ensure that they follow the EYFS so that youngsters are receiving the correct curriculum entitlement.

Whether you want to engage in role-playing in dens, ships or something else, we can help you.

In a nutshell, the EYFS is an essential curriculum that childminders, preschools, nurseries and school reception classes must offer to all youngsters in their care.

The Specific Areas, which are introduced to kids from ages 3 and upwards, have a clear focus on Art and Design, where kids use their imagination to play, sing, dance, paint and are creative.

A huge element of this part of the curriculum is encouraging young ones to play imaginatively, meaning that there is call for nurseries, reception classes and childminders to be able to offer youngsters in their care a wide range of Early-Years Role-Play Equipment. 

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EYFS Pretend Play

EYFS encourages children to enjoy pretend-play. Playing make-believe games is beneficial for young people of all ages as it helps to stimulate and develop their imagination and creativity.

Early-Years Role-Play Equipment which may be used to support EYFS Pretend Play might include things such as role-playing 'shop', where each child can be a different character or role, ranging from shopkeeper or customer, and can develop their own storyline or scenario as they play with the equipment.

'Home corner' furniture is another popular choice in nurseries too, allowing kids to role-play family life around a setting that replicates a house or often a kitchen. Children in Anmore are given a real-life context they can relate to and by placing themselves in this context, young ones can learn about how to react and function in an appropriate way in the real world.

Pretend play within these indoor settings is crucial to the development of young people. They not only learn about themselves but also about the world and how to express new ideas and feelings within the context of a role.

Through using their imaginations for this activity, kids develop complex, higher-order thinking skills and also cultivate their emotional intelligence. Most essentially though, Pretend-Play allows youngsters to synthesise all of the EYFS knowledge and put their learning into practice.

For example, a role-play scenario in a 'shop' setting allows you to develop their communication and language, using specific words to describe the 'produce' on sale and holding a conversation between a 'shopkeeper' and 'customer'.

Determining prices of items and grocery bills also allows this Pretend-Play activity to utilise children's mathematical and number skills through addition, counting, etc. 


Role-Playing Games Near Me

There are a number of role-playing games which could be enjoyed nearby your nursery and in surrounding areas.

Our local installers in Anmore can provide stages, shops and a range of other role-play equipment to ensure you get the very best from the activities. 

On the surface, Pretend-Play might look like a simple interaction between children. In fact, it isn't because in actual fact, Pretend Play allows for children to practise and demonstrate their learning in the EYFS Prime and Specific Areas.

Children’s Role Play

For children, role-play is essentially learning through play. It is fun, because it allows children to get into character and act out a role or real-life context, but is also a key component of a child's learning. It is an active, social learning activity where kids can use role-play to reflect on and develop their knowledge of a topic.

It requires kids to use their creative thinking skills as well as their reasoning skills (by the child, in the role, deciding on the best way to react to a stimulus within the role-playing game), meaning that deeper and more complex learning can take place within the individuals who are participating.

Children nearby one another can communicate and make decisions whilst they are in character, all of which allow them to take risks and explore different ideas and possibilities.

Children's Role Play offers many benefits to its participants. It allows youngsters to wear a costume and use props in a specific setting such as a shop or home corner. The children are able to move about and be spontaneous.

They can also develop empathy skills by putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. Learning through Children's Role-Play and using the closest Early-Years Role-Play Equipment is therefore far more likely to stick with children than completing worksheets because it is an activity where learners are encouraged to be active rather than passive and so, therefore, better retain what they have learned.

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Nursery Role Playing Games

Provided that you have the right Early Years Role Play Equipment nearby your nursery playground or in surrounding areas, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to Nursery Role-Playing Games. Children enjoy dressing up as part of their role-play, and this activity will encourage kids to make their own choices.

It will also assist with their fine motor skills development as the kids will have to dress themselves and so become more independent. A 'shop' is a fun role-play activity that will help increase children's familiarity with a wide range of fruits and vegetables as well as reinforcing basic mathematical skills.

Even a seemingly basic role-play activity, such as encouraging children to bath dolls, allows them to develop fine motor skills and the use of water offers some fun, messy playing too.

What is important to remember about Nursery Role Playing Games in Anmore is that it is not purely an activity that children engage with whilst indoors. Some of the most popular items supplied to nurseries besides pretending shops include mud kitchens, drama stages, and pirate ships, role-play equipment that can be utilised outdoors too.

Equipment such as monkey bars, climbing frames and fireman’s poles not only improve physical progression but can also offer scope for imaginative, adventurous role-play.

Further options for outdoor Early-Years Role-Play Equipment might include gazebos or dens which will increase social interactions and encourage imaginative play. A wooden log trail, wind chimes, a colourful maze, pirate ships and hobbit houses are further examples of role-play equipment that be can be utilised in outside space and will encourage children's imaginative play as well as developing their physical skills too.

Role Play EYFS in Anmore

There are many advantages to children's role-play during EYFS and primary school. These activities help children to learn about communicating with each other and creating their own individual ideas. It synthesises their learning too by allowing them to apply different skills to an imagined context.

Early Years Role Play Equipment also guides children towards meeting the key learning outcome of Expressive Arts and Design as it requires that children demonstrate creativity and imagination.

Throw in the fact that Early Years Role Play can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors too means that it offers a great deal of flexibility and an abundance of different activities for children. 

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