Creativity Playground Equipment in Herefordshire

Creativity Playground Equipment in Herefordshire

We have a range of creativity playground equipment that is available for schools, nurseries as well as play parks.

Creative Outdoor Play Activities in Herefordshire

Creative Outdoor Play Activities in Herefordshire

If you are interested in installing creative outdoor play activities at your nursery, our team offer the very best prices, so please get in touch now,

Children's Creativity Equipment in Herefordshire

Children's Creativity Equipment in Herefordshire

Our children's creativity equipment is of the very best quality, as we only make use of premium materials. This means you can be sure of the safety of our products.

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Creativity Playground Equipment in Herefordshire

Early Years Foundation Stage, or EYFS for short, is a statutory framework that sets standards for the learning, development and care of all children from birth up to the age of five.

We offer the very best creativity playground equipment in Herefordshire at great prices. Your child's early years are some of the most important years of their lives. How they develop during their first five years will have a massive impact on who they will become as a person later in life.

At this early stage their abilities to interact with other people, make informed decisions, problem solve, and their verbal skills, are all in their infancy. Encouraging their imaginations through the use of creativity playground equipment can enhance all these traits, with the added bonus of improving their tactile skills and physical development.

We would always recommend using play equipment for expressive arts as this can really help the children.

If you would like more information on the creative equipment we can offer, please complete the contact form provided and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. 


Creative Outdoor Play Activities Near Me

All schools and Ofsted registered pre-schools must abide by these guidelines, and the reason for this is so that every child has equal treatment regardless of their financial situation or their geographic location.

A large part of these guidelines is on learning through integration with others, and creative outdoor play activities have been proven to encourage children to use their imaginations and develop key social and mental skills.

By placing the emphasis on self-expression, this allows the children to focus on using their own imagination and ideas for any given scenario.

For example, building blocks. To a child, these can be anything from the walls of a castle to a wendy house, a garage, to a competition as to who can build the tallest tower, and so on.

An aid this simple can co-ordinate their motor skills, develop bonds with others, encourage teamwork and help them problem solve.

Studies show that if more emphasis is placed on imagination and creativity, then the child will develop more fully. Creativity playground equipment comes in many shapes, sizes and pricing options, but all have the fundamental task of improving children’s development.

Creative Nursery Playground

Creative nursery playgrounds have become increasingly popular since the introduction of the EYFS guidelines and the playgrounds are now more tactile, colourful and fun than ever before. As well as traditional equipment like a wooden pirate ship or a timber castle, there are a variety of other aids that complement them.

Bright, colourful, safe rubber flooring actively encourages the imagination further; now, instead of having to imagine sailing on the high seas from a vantage point of a patch of grass,a blue polymeric flooring can inspire visions of being out on the open water (and allow them to safely walk the plank too!)

Climbing frames and picnic benches are as popular as ever, but rope bridges, painting easels and hopscotch grids are just as popular.

The important thing to remember with all of this equipment is that it doesn't have to involve huge amounts of expense to install.

The emphasis is firmly on providing aid to the imagination and there are as many combinations of equipment available as you can think of; tactile surfaces, surfaces that can be drawn on, painted, on moulded and manipulated into whatever shape the child sees fit to shape them into. There are building blocks, Hobbit-Esque hidey holes, sandpits and water tables and many other options besides.

There is also evidence to suggest that by installing nursery playground equipment, it can have a positive influence on Ofsted reports because the children are being actively stimulated and are conforming to the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines.

For more information on building a creative nursery playground in Herefordshire please complete the contact form provided.


Children's Creativity Equipment Near Me

What is creative play? Creative play is any activity that actively encourages a child to use their own ideas and use their imagination. The possibilities that fall under this category are virtually limitless. It can be something as simple as painting a picture to making a model from old boxes to playing a musical instrument.

The idea is that these simple aids help to inspire the children to express themselves, but the emphasis is always firmly upon the child having fun while they are doing it.

Children's creativity equipment in Herefordshire such as chalkboards, role-playing shops and kitchens and power tools are universally popular, but something as simple as dressing up costumes has unlimited potential.

Some may even argue that monkey bars are seen as creative equipment as they allow children to create scenarios where they need to climb the bars.

For example, a princess costume combined with either an outdoor timber castle or in interior den will make the experience of playing and imagining scenarios that much more real. The great thing about this equipment is its versatility.

The scenarios don't have to be rooted in reality; as long as the children are interacting and learning about themselves and each other, then it can be used in a multitude of role plays. Who's to say that you a pirate can't live in a castle while constructing a foam wall to keep out invading doctors and nurses?

The equipment is as varied as the imaginations that will be using them. If you have any questions about anything to do with children's creative equipment or creativity playground equipment, simply fill in the contact form and one of our team will reply as soon as possible to discuss all the available options for your unique situation.


Early Years Expressive Art in Herefordshire

Early years expressive art is all about allowing little ones to express their ideas through the arts and craft by using different media and materials. It is about sparking their curiosity and giving them the confidence to apply that to an art form.

This may take many forms such as acting out a role play, painting a picture or making music. We may not automatically think of children playing 'shop' as an art form, but they are for all intents and purposes, acting out a play.

They are conforming to a fabricated situation with the help of other 'actors' and feeding off their ideas. They are developing social skills, cognitive abilities and confidence in their own abilities.

The same can be said for music; exploring patterns, sounds, melodies and different instruments could all be key in forming a child's personality.

Painting allows for different textures, colour combinations and applications and helps them to realize their own potential through this medium.

The more equipment young children have to stimulate them, either indoor creativity equipment or outdoor nursery playgrounds, the quicker they will advance and the happier they will be.

We have local experts nearby you who can set up the apparatus in your playground and surrounding areas to get closest to your needs and requirements. If this is of interest, make sure you contact our team today.

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