Outdoor Classrooms in Abbey Wood

Outdoor Classrooms in Abbey Wood

We have a wide range of designs when it comes to outdoor classrooms. If you would like a quote, please get in touch.

Outdoor Classroom Benefits in Abbey Wood

Outdoor Classroom Benefits in Abbey Wood

There are a number of different outdoor classroom benefits including the fact that children work better when they are not in their usual setting.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas in Abbey Wood

Outdoor Classroom Ideas in Abbey Wood

If you would like us to provide you with some outdoor classroom ideas, we can offer you assistance. Get in touch now for more information.

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Outdoor Classrooms in Abbey Wood 

Outdoor classrooms in Abbey Wood SE2 0 are the perfect way to get children outdoors and learning. Research has clearly shown how children’s skills improve and they learn more when they are outside, compared to being indoors.

Just a simple change of scenery from their regular class room can be enough to inspire an energy into children that makes them pay more attention and learn faster.

Outside classrooms are made from a solid timber construction and come in many different colours, shapes, and sizes. Costs will vary depending upon these factors but we are confident we can provide you with a product made of top quality materials at the best possible price.

Most outdoor classrooms have wooden planters around https://www.nurseryoutdoorplayequipment.co.uk/apparatus/raised-beds/london/abbey-wood/ to make the area look more inviting.

We are experts at supplying and installing external classrooms and if you'd like further information for your school then simply complete the form at the top of the page and our team will get back to you to discuss which options will best serve your school’s needs.

Classroom Outdoors Near Me

A classroom outdoors may seem like an unusual idea at first, but the benefits that it brings will soon change your way of thinking.

The classrooms are made from specialist durable timber, making them both visually appealing and able to blend into their outdoor surroundings with ease.

An obvious concern would be the weather, but our outdoor classrooms in Abbey Wood SE2 0 offer more than enough shelter to protect the children and the teacher from the elements.

The main benefit to a class room outdoors is the effect is has on a child’s education. Research has clearly shown that by mixing things up a little and taking a class away from their usual surroundings and outside, they actually learn more.

There is an understandable excitement about breaking away from the normal routine to do something slightly different, and kids respond to this in the best possible way.

If you think your school would benefit from an outdoor classroom, then contact our experts now. We'll be more than happy to help with any aspect of supply and installation that you might need.

Outdoor Classroom Ideas 

Outside classrooms are very customisable depending on how you want it to function. If the class room is for EYFS children then it may be configured to take this into account.

If it will be used by a group of wheelchair users then it can be adapted to make sure that there is easy access and lots of room inside. It may be that the class room will be used to teach one specific subject and this can be factored into the plans for what it will eventually look like.

It might be an idea to have a sensory garden https://www.nurseryoutdoorplayequipment.co.uk/learn/senses/london/abbey-wood/ close to the classroom to improve children's sensory skills.

If you've got very specific outdoor classroom ideas that you need incorporating into your design then get in touch and we can discuss how we can implement these ideas for you. Fill in the form on this page and one of our expert team will get back to you with a solution to your needs.

Outdoor Class Room in Abbey Wood

Outdoor class rooms have become more and more popular over the last few years. This is thanks to their durability, their adaptability, and the positive impact they have on a child’s education. Outdoor class rooms have helped to generate extremely favourable Ofsted reports because they have been proven to actively aid students intellectual advancement.

Studies show that when children are taken outside of the class room to learn then they absorb information much better than if they were indoors. By changing the everyday routine and doing something they would not normally do, children react positively and are more attentive.

They can also be adapted for fun activities too, such as a reading area for EYFS children. 

Our local experts nearby you and in surrounding areas can offer the very best outside class rooms and can get closest to your spending budget.  

Outdoor Classroom Benefits 

The outdoor classroom benefits are clear to see. First and foremost, they make an area look more aesthetically pleasing, but once that is combined with the educational benefits that they provide they could well prove to be an essential part of your school’s daily timetable.

Outdoor classrooms in Abbey Wood SE2 0 can be constructed in many different configurations and are extremely adaptable to additions at a later date. The most popular material for them is wood because it is hard wearing, it inspires children with its texture, and it blends in well with natural surroundings.

The biggest thing that they have going for them is their educational benefits. Children actively learn more when they work outside. They absorb information much faster and it invokes a spirit of camaraderie within the group.

Ofsted and EYFS reports welcome the addition of a class room outdoors because they can inspire a student’s increased interest in education.

If you would like to know more about them, just fill in the form on this page and one of our professionals will contact you with more information.

Outdoor Classroom Grants 

Outside classroom grants are available for those schools wishing to install them. Before applying for funding, it may be a good idea to contact us first for a quote so you know how much money you will need to apply for.

Grants are usually given to any school looking to actively increase any facilities that will help the children’s education and outdoor classrooms fall right into this category.

If you'd like more information about the costs involved with installing an outdoor classroom, please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will be happy to help.

Learning Outside EYFS 

Learning outside is a key educational technique endorsed by EYFs and Ofsted. Outdoor classrooms have been proven to aid children’s educational advancement through the novelty of learning outdoors, and this is especially true of EYFS-aged children.

You can learn so much outside from gymnsatics https://www.nurseryoutdoorplayequipment.co.uk/apparatus/gymnastic/london/abbey-wood/ to maths and English and an outdoor classroom is a great way to do this.

If you'd like information on an outside classroom that could improve your children’s education AND your Ofsted score, then get in touch now.

Eco Classroom Near Me

An eco classroom is simply a room that is a learning room that is outdoors. They come in all shapes and sizes and are adaptable enough that you can incorporate your own designs into them.

Prices will vary according to what configuration you ultimately decide on, but we offer the best prices around so get in contact today.

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Talk to us if you have any questions that need answering about outdoor classrooms in Abbey Wood SE2 0 and their EYFS benefits. Our professional team will be able to guide you to a decision about what configuration of outdoor classroom will best serve your school’s needs.

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